Jelly mountain - Day 70 Use What You've Got

Take a look at this cool jelly mold we have.

It's been sitting in our cupboard for several years after it was handed down from my husband's side of the family a long time ago.

Well - since it's time to 

Use What You've Got

I thought we'd try it out.

The girls helped me choose the coloured layer combination. 

We sprayed the inside of the mold lightly with cooking oil to prevent sticking (I found that tip on a few websites).

Then started making the jelly.

I read that you should pour each layer before the previous one has set completely to make sure they stick together.  But we also didn't want to pour the next layer on too soon so that it would mix with the first!

Tricky business.

We started with the lime green jelly. Then when we judged the timing right, we added the pink raspberry.When we poured the second layer, there was a bit of a glooping sound and we thought we saw a blob of the green jelly surface briefly!
Aarrggh!  Oh well, nothing we could do but wait and see.
Back into the fridge for another couple of hours before layer 3 could be added!

Here's what it looked like ..

I had to set my alarm to get up at 1am to pour the final layer! 

Looking good now - nothing to do but wait till it was time to  turn it out!

The big moment came - and with a quick dip of the mold in hot water. it came out a treat!!

I was impressed it held together in one piece, but the colours didn't look too clear!  
However, I think it may have been the darkness of the evening, because look how the flash photos turned out..

Using this mold provided lots of entertainment while making and serving it up!
Plus, it tasted good!

Do you have something in your kitchen that you've never used, or haven't used in a long time??

Maybe it's time to

Use What You've Got!!


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