How To Make A Roll Up Pencil Case - Use What You've Got , Day 59

A couple of years ago I made a few tutorials for my girls to follow by themselves as they learned to sew.  I recently found them on my computer, and thought I'd make use of them by adding them to my free tutorials here on the blog.

This one is for a roll up pencil case

I tried to make these tutorials as simple as possible so my girls could follow them by themselves!

I even found the post and pictures from when my girls tried this one out!

Roll-up pencil cases!

They work together, taking one step at a time - and I step in to help when needed.
(I've been making up a picture based tutorial for them for each project we're doing, so they can try to follow it themselves)

My youngest got a bit distracted measuring other things - as they're just learning that in school now!

But in the end, they turned out really well!

And have been filled up already with pencils and pens!

Aren't they clever!!

Proud Mum Jill!!

You can download the free PDF tutorial here.


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