Pumpkin bread and chocolate mousse - Use What You've Got, Day 26

Do you collect recipes from magazines and papers? I do, but they all then sit in a folder for...erm...years I guess until I get around to doing something with them.

This recipe book incidentally 

has a cover made from an old waistcoat, and was one of my first ever clothes upcycling projects!

But back to the actual recipes.  Because my current challenge is to "Use What You've Got" - I've decided to actually try out some of those recipes I've cut out and kept over the years!

First up this week was..

Pumpkin, fetta and rosemary twist.
The recipe was from a free magazine.

It was very yummy - and nice and easy to make too! 

This recipe is definitely one to keep and stick in my book!

Another recipe I tried was from a free magazine from the UK that my mum brought out. 

This one was for Chocolate Orange Pots:

Again, very yummy and so easy to make!

Now I've just got to tackle the rest of the pile of recipes I've kept!!

Do you often try new recipes?
Where do you get most of your recipes from?



  1. love delicious easy recipes I have many cookbooks that I often flip through and the internet is awesome for finding great tips and recipes
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    1. Thanks Angie - Yes I use the internet lots too - my Pinterest board of recipes to try is filling up faster than I can try them!


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