Final School Dress Upcycle - triangle pouches - Day 32 Use What You've Got

This week I've been upcycling my daughter's old school dresses into various things. This is the final show and tell..

Two mini Triangle zipped pouches. Made using 

I made the girls one keychain pouch each. Using the same plain co-ordinating fabric I used for their notebook covers yesterday.

I'm really pleased with these little pouches - and my girls love them too!

If you missed my earlier posts I made :

I also reclaimed a couple of zips from the dresses.

And the remaining scraps of fabric are in my scrap stash now!

Phew! That's one job done - I've kept those dresses for a while with the intention of upcycling them. It feels good to finish a project!

Now I need to choose the next thing from my stash and keep up the momentum of "using what I've got"!


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