Mini Pencil and Notebook Folder

This year I'm trying to use up my stash of fabric and supplies in a bid to

Use What I've Got

It's free crafting, environmentally friendly because I'm not buying anything new and upcycling lots, my house is slowly getting decluttered and I'm also enjoying the challenge of creating things out of what I have.

So this week I wanted to find a way to use up these:
Pens, coloured pencils and mini notebooks. Plus of course some of my enormous fabric stash.

So I thought I'd make some mini pencil and notebook folders!
Here's my first one:

I used my own tutorial for the larger version of these, but reduced the sizes.

Since that tutorial is over 3 years old, I think I might do a separate tutorial with new photos and the measurements for these mini ones - just to update it a bit as the old one looks quite dated now!

So now I'm going to make more of these cute little folders. For this one I used some black denim from old jeans and scraps of camouflage fabric.
I'll have to have a rummage to see what other interesting fabric scraps I have to co-ordinate with the various colours and shades of denim I have!

They're only small folders - fit in the palm of my hand:

So I'll have plenty of choices of fabric!


  1. Super cute! These would make excellent gifts at a kids party~

    1. That's a great idea Tamara! Much better than the little plastic toys you get at so many parties!

  2. Great!!!Well done!I'll make one and for my son!;)

    1. Thanks Anastasia! I'm sure your son would love one!

  3. Ah! Superb little upcycle! I love that these would be tempting a boy to carry art supplies - not such an easy thing to do. My little soccer playing nephew would love that!

    1. Thanks Mich! Yes, hopefully they'd be cool for little boys too!


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