Pool Salt Bags upcycle!

We are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our backyard.
Every now and then, particularly after heavy rain, we have to add bags of salt to the pool to keep the chemical balance right.  
Once the salt is added, the bags themselves just get thrown in the bin.  
So this got me thinking - what else could we do with them...
Make bags of course!!

All I did was box out the corners at the bottom of the bag to give it a flat bottom. Cut two strips from around the top of the bag and used them as handles.

A nice sturdy bag that you can wash out easily. I'm going to fold and keep this in the boot of my car for when we do 'muddy stuff'.  My husband and I do trail runs, and the kids to endless sports - rain hail or shine, so we often have muddy shoes and soggy clothes to bring home - I think this bag will be perfect for this!

I'm slowly looking at the idea of zero waste, finding more recycling programmes for various bits and pieces, but seeing what else I can upcycle instead of throwing away!!

I have to say I tried to look up 'things to make with old pool salt bags' and found nothing!! 
A new niche perhaps! 
Do you have any other suggestions for these bags?


  1. Genius! I can't wait to see what else you find around the house to recycle~

    1. Thanks Tamara! I'm not sure my sewing machine enjoys the challenge of sewing all these different materials. I had to give it a good clean after making these bags as it left the surfaces a little salty....oops!

  2. How fabulous those are! The graphics are cute and it looks like a wonderfully tough material, perfect for the muddies. Just great!


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