More of the jeans upcycled - and a card

More progress on using up that pair of jeans!
So far a messenger bag and a fabric basket.

Now these 2 cute pyramid pouches (I've been making lots of these lately - great scrap busters and I can't get enough of them!)

And this is what I have left now..

I've got another project planned today! Come back tomorrow to see what else I've made from this one pair of jeans!

Last night I also had a request to make a quick card for someone who's leaving work to have a baby.  
A couple of weeks ago I made a birthday card using up scraps of fabric and card...

The light wasn't great last night to capture this one, but here it is - once again just fabric stitched onto card with a couple of embellishments:

 Making cards with fabric is definitely something I want to explore more! Probably when the light is better too. It's another great way to use up scraps - of which I have far too many....


  1. I don't think anyone can make as much from a pair of jeans as you can, Jill. Cute, little pyramid pouches.

    1. Thanks Pam! I was always taught by my mum to get the most out of every piece of material!

  2. Great ideas,Jill!I like so much upcycling and you have many awesome ideas for that!!!!This another one- so cute pouches!


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