More zip keychain pouches

I made some of these pouches as Christmas gifts to post to family and friends, and got hooked!  
Since this year I'm going to re-open my Etsy and Madeit shops, I thought I'd make a start on some stock for them.
(They are made using my own tutorial - which you can find here.)

They are all made with fabric scraps - the denim from old jeans.

The zips have cute little gold pulls on them.

They just add that extra special touch to these cute little pouches don't you think?

Once I've got a few more things made, I'll get back to my stores and find out how to re-open them again!

Will keep you posted!

Any Etsy or Madeit hints and tips would be gratefully appreciated!


  1. I do like those little ball-and-chain pulls! My only Etsy tip: have a lot of items. I just find you get lots more views with a bigger inventory (I mean lots more per item. I don't know why that is.)

    1. Thanks Michelle! They're cute zip pulls aren't they. And thanks for the etsy tip - I'll bear that in mind! I have a week set aside with my girls to make things, so I'll really go for it and try to stock my store well from the start!

  2. Happy 2014 Jill, just got back from a break that I took to spend with my familyand here I'm enjoying your blog. I really like these zip Key Pouches, I'll come see your tutorial to make some for my family, I love them! I was looking at your previous posts and I was happy to find a tutorial to make a Clasp clutch, I have two frames that I bought and now I will be able to use them.
    Wishing you a year full of inspiration, creativity and positive energy, I tell you a secret, I also want to open an etsy shop ...... but do not know if I'll do it, I'm thinking about it since last year, maybe this year is a good year to do it!
    I wish you a great year my friend! Greetings from Canada!
    Marisa from

    1. Hi Marisa,
      Wishing you all the best for 2014 too! I'll post all about opening my etsy stop - and let you know how it goes and what I learn. You should go for it with opening one too!
      Hope 2014 brings all you want!

  3. Hi, great way to use up little bits of fabric and those zip pulls are really cute.


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