Upcycling Dresses - part 2, my own dresses

Last week I showed lots of examples and ways to upcycle dresses - from making bags, to skirts and even a money box!

I also showed you the dresses that I had cleared from my own wardrobe that needed something done with them!

One dress - the blue and pink one, was so small that all I had to do was shorten the straps slightly and pass it on to my daughter - who is growing closer to my height all the time!

Next I looked at 2 purple knit dresses that I bought on holiday in Bali a couple of years ago.
I love the colour of these dresses and they are so comfortable - but unfortunately, after a couple of washes, they had shrunk to little more than tops!

So - I decided to merge the two together into a single dress that was a bit longer!

I'll post next week about how I did this!!

UPDATE - the tutorial can now be found here.

The last few dresses were worn or had tears and holes in them.

I decided to use an idea from Michele who commented last week:

"Any cotton dresses I've had naturally go into quilts in my 

house too, so there's another idea! :)"

And that is exactly what I decided to do!

This is as far as I've got as yet - I'm hoping next week to put it all together as a small quilt - I'll post some pictures when it's done!


  1. Love this and glad I found your blog via Michelle's post the other day. I also love your country. We were there in January and stayed in Port Douglas (in addition to four other cities down under.) We would have liked to stay in Port Douglas for much longer..

    1. Thanks Lynda! So glad you liked your trip to Australia. Port Douglas is just up the road from us - we were there a couple of weeks ago - so beautiful! Hope you make it back here again one day!

  2. thanks for hosting and a great ideas to upcycling!
    sory becouse I put more projects than only dresses...you are free to remuve my bags...

    1. Thanks Anastasia! I've moved your other projects to the general clothes upcycling project linky - some great ideas there, thanks for sharing!


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