Sunday Motivation


  1. Hi Jill. It's still Saturday here (early eve). Enjoy your upcycle posts! I purchased a couple of items from a thrift store recently in hopes to upcycle.

    Was wondering will you put them in a tutorial (like the quilt one or the T shirt converted into dress) into one of your tutorials? I'll check to see if it's there.

    Also, do you plan on registering your blog with either bloglovin or networkedblogs? After July 1, google reader IS DONE and no one will be able to read any of their favorite blogs--even if their blogs are on other platforms like wordpress, etc.

    I'd love to continue to follow the blog this way (already following on face book) :-). Thanks for your generosity! -JC

    1. Thanks JC! Yep - the dress is now up as a tutorial - still working on the quilt....

      I've now registered my blog with bloglovin - so you can follow me there now too!


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