Sarong skirts upcycled

Have you ever seen sarong skirts?
I've had a couple in my wardrobe for several years but I have to admit I have never worn them.
I don't find them very flattering - plus they are a little tricky to tie on, and not easy if you need to visit the toilet!
Here's my long pair, they are basically a front and back panel joined under the legs:
You tie the front panel behind your back. lift the back panel through your legs to the back..

Then tie it at the front!


So having decided to have a good sort and clear of my wardrobe, I thought I'd better try to do something with these so that I would actually wear them!

My initial thought was to just join up the sides..
 make them a bit narrower, shorten the body a little,

and use the ties to fasten at the sides.

I still don't like the look of them.  Having ties at both sides makes my hips look quite wide - not very flattering (oops - didn't think of that!).
I think I need to rethink these - maybe I need to just add elastic to the waistband......

I also have a shorter sarong skirt - which I decided to just cut and make into a simple beach wrap:

First I cut the centre (between the legs bit) out..

This left me with two separate panels.

I simply then joined these together to make a single beach wrap or sarong.

Much better! Now I will actually wear this - and it's very easy to tie and wear!

Do you have any clothes in your wardrobe that you have NEVER worn?  How could you alter or upcycle them to get some use out of them?


  1. YOu look fabulous in that little pink number! Agree, that is a tricky style to wear and I think you are smart to refashion them...I kind of like the two ties at the hips on the blue pants, maybe it just needs some tweaking.

    1. Thanks Michelle,
      Still haven't figured out the blue pants yet, but I'll get there! and I'm loving my new pink skirt!

  2. Hello – Thanks for this post, I love to Upcycle & Recycle my clothes, I like to call it my Re-Chic projects. For my S/S 2013 wardrobe there is a lot of Re-Chic going on – Thank you for sharing your ideas :) Debs*

    1. Thanks Debra! I'll pop over to your blog and have a look at your re-chic projects too!!

  3. Is that you? I realize I don't know what you look like! I have a pair of these pants but they are too small? My body shape has changed and I just can't wear them anymore.

    1. Ha - yes it's me. I'm not good at putting pics of myself on the blog! I do think these pants need a particular body shape to wear them well - I just don't have that shape! :)


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