A heart mug rug

Better late than never, here's this week's mug rug.

Now I know last week after trying a mug rug with no binding, I said I was going to find one with so I could practice. 
Well - instead I found a cute heart mug rug tutorial and just couldn't resist trying another binding alternative - adding a ruffled edge!

The tutorial was easy to follow for someone with basic sewing knowledge. It doesn't lead you through every little step - but more gives you general directions with some nice photos!

I really liked the ruffled edge as an alternative to binding! And the patchwork helped me use up some of my small scraps!

Now I really will get back to a mug rug with binding practice next week!

Now - it's time to enjoy my cup of tea with a sneaky chocolate egg!


  1. This is great Jill. Would make a wonderful Mother's day gift.

    Michelle :o)

    1. Thanks Michelle! I hadn't thought of that for a Mother's Day gift - you're right it would be perfect!

  2. This is cute, and the ruffles give the rug some character. Maybe you could add a small pocket for a teaspoon.

  3. Lovely rug! Ok, go and enjoy your tea now :)

  4. that;s really cute Jill! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my upcycling project!


  5. Adorable idea! This would be really fun to have on a desk at work.


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