My own denim pouf

Inspired by Michele Made Me's 'One Tough Pouf"

This is my own slightly altered version based on 
Michele's fabulous tutorial.
Mine isn't as pretty and fancy as Michele's gorgeous Pouf - I didn't add any embroidery, and cut fewer pieces so the effect is a little plainer.

This is one of 5 projects I'm aiming to finish over the space of two weeks.

So far, I've upcycled an old squished bean bag into 3 new tablet bean bags.

I've turned old towels into reusable kitchen roll.

And now I've mangaged to sort through and use up most of my clothes upcycling pile...

First I picked out those clothes that were intact and in good condition and took them to the charity shop.
Then I removed buttons, notions and cut fabric from torn and already half used clothes. I added these to my nicely organised fabric and notions stash!

Finally I cut up the stash of jeans I had into useable pieces of denim, and separated the pockets (which I'll save for other projects!)

I'd had Michele's denin pouf on one of my Pinterest boards for ages - so decided it was time to make it.
I stuffed it with all the rest of the clothing scraps I had - together with lots more scraps I've hoarded for a long time - bits of old curtains, cushion covers and old worn sheets; and all the left over bits of the jeans I just cut up - seams, waistbands etc.

This was the perfect project to use up lot of things in one go!

We have a sofa with a 'chaise longue' - and that's the part that EVERYONE wants to sit on so they can put their feet up!
Well now - there is one more prime spot - where you can put your feet up on the nice new denim pouf!

Might be my new favourite spot!

So the only 2 projects I need to finish now are so something with these unicorn heads...

And tackle a quilt for my eldest daughter!

What have you ticked off your to-do list lately?


  1. What fun that you made it! Hee hee, I'm so thrilled Jill!

    1. Thanks Michelle - I've been wanting to try it for so long - and I'm so glad I did - it's being very well used!

  2. Love the poof Jill! I like it more simple like yours! Great job!

  3. Your pouf is now the best seat in the house. Major stashbusting score.

    OKay, what about mounted unicorn heads for your wall? No, really , the suspense is killing me - you must do something with them soon or I will bust.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Unicorns are coming soon....

  4. Absolutely love the poof!


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