My first Amigurumi!

My reason behind learning to crochet this year with my daughter is mainly to be able to make Amigurumi!
For those of you who don't know,

is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting little stuffed creatures. 

Living up here in the tropics of Australia, there is never much need for woolly jumpers, scarves, hats etc, so I've not really thought much about knitting or crocheting.

However, when I learned about Amigurumi - it gave me the idea to learn crochet - and teach my daughters a new skill; particularly my youngest daughter who loves small stuffed creatures. Whenever we go out to the shops she always finds some kind of little stuffed thing that she wants to buy.

Anyway, I showed her lots of Amigurumi pictures and together we have embarked on our quest to learn how to make them by learning how to crochet!

Our progress is slow - basically I've only learned how to do chains and single crochet (think that's what they're called).

Now while practising these basic stitches, I've been trying to decipher tutorials, you tube videos and various how-to books and pictures.  Bits here and there seem to make sense but I haven't found one particular site or video that is really clear to my way of thinking.

So - practice it is and keep on reading, watching and learning.

I am very proud to show you my first little creatures - the first of which has been named - Mr Squishy..

And the second as yet unnamed:

From snippets of video tutorials I figured out how to add eyes etc using beads - and also how to add in an extra colour - see the band of light pink here??

Now I'm sure my actual crocheting leaves a lot to be desired - missed stitches, doubled up bits and there was no counting went on at all!

However - I'm just practising now and getting more comfortable with my hook.

My daughter is delighted with her first little monsters, and is still practising and experimenting herself with her hook and wool!

We'll keep on practising and keep on sharing our progress!

And I'd love for you to tell me....what do you think of my little monsters?


  1. They look cute! This is very good that you besides teaching yourself, also will teach your daughter! She will have a great hobby, and it's useful too.
    Have a fab week

  2. Aye!!! I love Mr Squishy! Could he be cuter? Think not!

  3. Lovely!!!! You did a nice job!!!!!
    Marisa from


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