Tartan gift bags

A simple handmade gift bag can make all the difference.

Our daughter's swim coach is heading back to her native Scotland for a long Christmas break, so a few of the parents have pooled together to get her a present.

Which all wrapped up in some nice Scottish tartan should be well received!

The wine bottle bag is just a simple piece of fabric folded in half, stitched down the side and bottom and the top hemmed - with a ribbon to tie around the bottle neck.


  1. Thanks for showing this great way to wrap bottles. Linda
    If you have any Christmas Ornaments you can come and link up to our party. Thanks.

  2. Great gift idea! I have so much Christmas tartan fabric, this would be a good way to use it :)

  3. so lovely! I bet the coach will be happy to get such nicely wrapped gift:)

  4. Thanks for this idea, is a nice way to wrap a gift. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. love your tartar gift bags. Practical, beautiful, reusable.


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