Bags and pineapples!

Just now I'm working on a custom order of calico bags!

So I'm trying to turn this roll of fabric, into 78 of these bags.... 

It's easy sewing, but a lot of the same.

Cutting them out was a good workout!!  A couple of hours of low squats! (I have my cutting mat on the floor).
Then yesterday I started sewing..

But all this plain fabric needs a colourful break now and then - so I take a stroll through the garden every now and then to stretch and rest my eyes.
 Just look what I found growing....

We keep all our fresh pineapple tops from the local market - and plant them our garden.  They take no looking after - and after a couple of years produce nice juicy pineapples!  
We have a lot of these pineapple plants all around our house!
This year I've found 9 fruiting plants!! Yippee!!
They're small just now - but in a few months time should grow nice and big!

AND I also found a giant Granadilla (like a big passionfruit)!

I do love living in the tropics!

But I must get back to those bags.......

What do you do to take a break from your sewing or crafting?


  1. Gardening in the tropics has some definite advantages. I'd love to be able to grow pineapples!!!

  2. These pineapples look like they will turn out amazing!
    As for what I do when i have a break from sewing, I also have a good walk-about to stretch the legs out, but I also find that listening to music while I sew makes the time flow nicely by:)


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