Fabric bag or box for running gear!

My husband and I both love running.  We often drive places to have a run - up in the hills and around Cairns.  
Now running is quite a sweaty business - even more so up here in the hot and humid tropics. 
The drive home after running can therefore be quite a sweaty drive!   So my husband asked me if I could make him a kind of bag/box to put in the car so he can put in his sweaty gear and get changed into something a bit drier to drive home in.  Of course I could!!

I basically made just a small fabric box/bag - with very plain fabric on the outside that no male could complain at!  And on the inside I used part of an old PVC table covering we used to use when our girls crafted at the kitchen table.  It's clear PVC covered in coloured jelly beans!! 
(but I figure this is on the inside and no-one but him will see it !)

This PVC is nice and stiff so helps the bag/box keep it's shape. It will also be easy to wipe or wash out after being filled with sweaty and or muddy gear!

It's big enough to fit in shorts, top, socks a small towel and a some deodorant!

And has a drawstring top to seal the sweatiness inside!!

Maybe I should make myself one! At least I'd be able to use pretty/funky fabric for mine!!  

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