Dresses upcycle to lampshades

Ok - first of all I'd just like to say that I'm not a fan of glue!

It's sticky, messy, and living up in the hot and humid tropics, I find that glue comes unstuck a lot - or at least my attempts do and blaming it on the climate seems like a good thing to do!!

I'm much happier stitching things - but there are times when glue is the easier (??) option!

My girls bedside lamps are getting a bit sad..

Cracked and faded..

And well, I really could just buy them new ones, but always have to try the cheaper free option first!

So I dragged out my rarely used glue gun..

Fixed a small thing that has been waiting for months for me to get the glue gun out..

Then started on the lamps!

I rummaged through my clothes upcycling box and found these dresses from when the girls were smaller!

Since I was trying to to this project the easiest way possible, I measured and cut carefully.

Then just glued, stretched, trimmed and glued....

as best I could - getting covered in sticky, stringy, icky glue in the process!

and finally..a little wonky, and not very perfect...

One each, in their favourite colours!

and looking much better with that lovely fuzzy photo effect..!!

But at least our sink overflow stopper finally got fixed and is back in place!! Another job from my (LONG) to-do list to be ticked off!!

Now I can pack away my glue gun for another few months and get back to my sewing machine!!!

Do you have a craft that you just don't get??
Or a medium that you avoid - like me with glue!!


  1. I agree with you, glue is my least favorite craft! Cute lamp redo, tho, the sparkly fabric is extra girly!

  2. Years ago, I recall finding an old lamp in a trash pile. It still worked but the shade was paper and very much ripped and torn. I also had a sheer, pink nightgown that I didn't much like, so, using only hand sewing, I cut and attached the pink fabric to the now naked lampshade framework. Viola! Shabby chic and cast a very flattering light in the room. Much more flattering than that tatty nightgown.


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