Pyramid pouch in my creative space

Each year I try to hand make gifts for my daughters' friends.  Every year I choose something and everyone gets a variation on this.
With the girls back at school now, the parties are starting again, so I had to get thinking about what to make this year. Here's what I chose...

I've been wanting to make one of these pyramid pouches for a while - and followed the fabulous tutorial on 
Ricochet and Away. (thanks Rikka!)

I added to the pouch, one of the personalised keychain tags I've been making (tutorial here), and then I think we'll fill it with some sweeties or chocolates!

What do you think?  An ok gift for 7-10 year old girls?

Don't know yet what the boys will get...they're always trickier!!  Do you think boys would like these too - but in boy fabric of course!

What gifts to you hand make for kids?



  1. hell yeah! the girls are going to love it! how amazing that you make the gifts yourself. a real treat!

  2. That looks great...honestly i think even my 15 yr old and her friends would like it!
    Your a wonderful mum making all the gifts....boys i have no clue on sorry!!!

  3. That looks fantastic! I made something very similar to give out as loot bags for my daughter's 13th party last year. I know that my daughter uses hers. She keeps ” girl stuff” in it in her locker at school. I wish I had thought to personalize them like you!

    I wish I had an idea for you for the boys. Sorry.

  4. Fabulous gift and ideal for that age group. I agree with Jode - I know young teenagers who would love the too :)

  5. it looks lovely! does it have a little wrist band for holding it? i think the girls will love them. not sure about boys though... :)

  6. That's a lovely pouch! I'm only just attempting my first few zipped pouches - it's fun to make smaller items for a change!

  7. It turned out great! I love the jeans and polka dots combo <3

  8. Love the unusual shape of your patchwork pouch

  9. Thanks for the shout-out Jill! I love how your pouch turned out. The patchwork is fun and the zipper pull is great.

    1. Thanks Rikka! Your tutorial is great - I've made quite a few of these pouches since for little gifts for people!


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