My creative space and another pencil case!

Earlier this week I made one of my daughters a new twin-zip pencil case.  Now since I have two daughters - I thought I'd better make a second case!

Purple was the chosen colour - so with a remnant of velvet left over from over 20 years ago when my mum made me a ball dress for University! and an old pair of cut off black jeans I got from the charity shop  from their 'free' section!!
I made this:

The denim helps the case hold its shape, and also will protect the velvet a little from leaking pens!!

After I took these first photos - I decided to add a little zip pull too:
Kids love little accessories -  I thought this one was quite cute!

To see the original case I made with the tutorial go here.



  1. Oh i can feel it ....the texture must be divine and good for you to use up your stuff!! Love this

  2. That's great Jill! I'm sure I'll have to get to the pencilcase stage in the next 12 months... I'd better check out your tutorial. :) Thanks!

  3. Awesome pencil case! Love the colour.

  4. really cute the zip pull really finishes it off!

  5. So cute! The girls must be thrilled to have one-of-kind pencil case!

  6. Very sweet bag. Love the zipper pull!


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