Upcycled skirt to bag

Back in May I did a month of clothes upcycling projects. Since then, when I completely cleared my stash of old clothes - the pile has been steadily replaced my yet more worn, outgrown and no longer loved items of clothing, so I thought it was time to get upcycling again.

I can't do a whole month again - so I'm going to stick to one a week!
Here's this week's effort:

Skirt to Bag Upcycle



The skirt was one of my daughter's which she'd grown out of.  It had a lovely strip along the bottom which I cut off for the straps:

And the skirt already had a lining - which meant my bag was already lined when I made it!! Bonus!

I used an old belt buckle, and a scrap from my stash for the feature on the front:

I'm liking my new bag a lot!  Of course being my favourite colour - purple, I would!

What do you think?


  1. The perfect use for that skirt! Looks great.

  2. That's fantastic! I'm BIG on upcycling, so I absolutely love it. So cool that your bag was already lined too, perfect.

  3. Looks great Jill, I love the belt buckle feature!

  4. Great upcycled project, Jill. The skirt already having lining made the transformation quicker. It's a fabulous bag...love the colour.

  5. Just had a look at your Upcycled Clothes page. There are some fabulous ideas!

  6. Too cute!

    I was working up a tutorial tonight, thinking maybe I would send it to you to consider. However, it has gone all wrong! It started with my dog swallowing about 6 inches of my tape measure and pretty much went downhill from there. I'll will post it on my blog in a few days to show how NOT to do things! :-)

    Maybe you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a tutorial from me!

  7. OMGosh!!!! I absolutely love this. I never thought about upcycling my daughters things but she has some pretty cute skirts and sweaters that she has outgrown recently. I love how you incorporated the beautiful stitching/strap around the bottom of the skirt into the purse straps.

    Have a great week,

  8. Oh dear..this is amazing...I'm on way my way to my kids closet...

  9. Very extra specially cute bag! Great idea to use the belt buckle like that, and the already-there-lining - love that!

  10. Love this bag Jill!

    the belt buckle feature on the front looks fantastic.

    Michelle :o)


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