My Creative Space - backpack repurposing project 4!

I'm feeling quite proud of myself having found several uses for my pile of old and broken backpacks that has sat in a box in my cupboard for a long time....

I've turned 3 backpacks into:

A bike pack for my daughter:

2 paintbrush organisers:

Padded microphone holders for our karaoke mics!

 Which are now velcroed to the karaoke machine for nice easy and convenient storage!

And here is what I did with all the left over scraps of nice firm backpack material!
Patchworked them together very very roughly...

To create a nicely authentic crumpled witches hat...

Covered with a little ghostly fabric I bought on clearance 2 years ago thinking 'that'll be useful one day'

And wonderfully modelled by  Dorothy...
 Hope my daughter likes it!!  Just got to make a cape for her now (not from a backpack though!! :) )

And now all I've got left is a pile of cut up zips......Not sure if I'll get to these this week though - maybe another time!  At least they don't take up very much space in my fabric stash now!!
What do you have in your cupboard that needs using up??  Go on, have a look!  I've ended up having lots of fun with these old backpacks - and have gained a few useful handmade things, along with some much needed space in my sewing boxes!!

Hope you're all having a lovely day!



  1. Jill you are the upcycling Queen! You seem to be on quite a roll. I love that you have velcroed the mic pouches to the karaoke machine - that's the kind of organisation my household needs!

  2. How clever - I would have never even thought of doing that!!

  3. Wow. Some seriously impressive upcycling going on at your place. I particularly love the karaoke mike holders. Brilliant idea!

  4. Love the witch's hat! Very well done!!

  5. you've been busy! great re-use ideas. i saw a skirt once, made entirely of zippers sewn together. can't imagine it was the most comfortable thing though! :)

  6. Brilliant work...there are so many things you can do with zippers. I am sure you will come up with something perfect for your family.


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