How to make a T Shirt Rag Rug


My first sewing project in a long while was to make this new rag rug for my kitchen.

I made one several years ago, but after daily use for all those years, it finally wore through.

Having seen this was going to happen, I have been saving old t-shirts and towels for some time in preparation.

Finally I got around to making this rug - and decided to practice my video editing skills too by recording it!

So the result is a new YouTube video of How to make a T-Shirt Rag Rug.  It's only a few minutes long - and love it if you would take a look and let me know what you think!

I'm starting out with a new video editing programme, so this is my first attempt!

I'm really happy with my new rag rug - makes washing the dishes so much more comfortable! :)

This was a super simple and fun project to get back into sewing with.
And the cost - nothing! Always a good thing!

There are so many different ways to make rag rugs. I really like how thick and fluffy this one turned out!
Have you ever made any kind of rag rug?

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