Upcycled reusable kitchen towels


I finally got around to replacing my reusable kitchen towels!

About 8 years ago, I cut up an old towel and made myself some which have been very well used! Look at how much they've faded and worn!

This time I chose the simple option of just squares with finished edges instead of bothering with velcro to make it all look like a kitchen roll wrapped around a wooden pole!

I'm really happy with the result:

14 kitchen towels made from just one old towel that was ripped and no longer in use!

I can have just a few sitting in my kitchen at any one time - and more ready to replenish them as they get used and thrown in the wash!

If you're interested, I made a video of the process:
Click here to see the video

Or if you'd like to see the original tutorial, click here

Happy sewing!

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