My year of change

This year I have gone back to paid work teaching English as a foreign language, after several years staying home to take care of our children and doing various flexible casual jobs and working on my sewing and blogs from home. It's been a big change working set hours again but I've really enjoyed the change and the new challenge.

I haven't managed to do much sewing this year at all. I did make a toy hammock for my youngest daughter which she loves and it's great for keeping at least some of her cuddly toys out of the way!

Aside from that, all I've done sewing-wise this year is fixing and mending.  I do keep looking at my sewing machine which is hiding under its cover and thinking about the cupboard full of fabric and bits and pieces I have and wondering what I'm going to do with it all.

I'd also like to get back to learning to crochet, which I've been slowly working on for a couple of years now but has fallen by the wayside this year!

I am going to continue teaching which takes up most of my time, but I do want to get back to some sewing and make use of all the fabric and other resources I have. This is my problem and challenge to figure out a plan for over the next few weeks.

We're soon heading off on a big family trip to New Zealand which will be a lovely break and a big chance to reflect on this year which has brought a lot of change into my life. 
I want to continue to develop my blog to reflect those changes and the new direction. I still have the strong philosophy of 'use what you've got' so I'll be taking stock of everything I have from physical and material resources to my own personal abilities and talent and trying to mesh them all together to form a knockout plan for 2018!

So watch this space!
Have you had any big changes of direction in your life?  What are they and where are you headed to now?

I'd love to hear your thoughts too!


  1. Sounds like all the changes in your life are pretty good, even though they mean you got a lot busier. Your new career sounds very exciting! This year has been pretty much about change for me and my husband as well, but since we are never the 'stay put' kind of people we manage change reasonably well. Good luck with everything and have loadsa fun in new zealand!!

  2. Love the hammock, Jill. Fortunately or unfortunately, life is always changing for every one of us, I think. It's how we react to those changes that make the difference in how we move forward. Persist and carry on as best as I know how is how I'd like to live my life and manage the ongoing challenges. Enjoy and relax on your holidays and have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Nice post! Will make this for kids soon!
    Sharing some amazing crochet hammock banana patterns!


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