Eco-friendly shopping bags

Friday for me is grocery shopping day. I always use the handbag above for my shopping day as it has all my shopping tote bags inside so I've always got them with me at the checkout! They are strong, sturdy and pretty. Here they are all full of shopping in the boot of my car.

The handbag above is the final bag I made when developing the pattern for the e-book I published a couple of years ago.

This e-book is a selection of tutorials showing how to make a whole range of eco-friendly shopping bags from upcycled materials, which then fit into the snazzy handbag..

Each book costs just the price of a cup of coffee. 

Au $5

To puchase a copy simply email me at

More details of my e-book can be found here.

I appreciate your support - of both my blog and tutorials.

Happy upcycling and sewing!

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