A flurry of snowmen!

Last month here on the blog we had the 12 Days of Christmas DIY Challenges. Each day the challenge was to make something for Christmas using what you had on hand.  
Challenge 5 was to take something from your shed or outhouse and turn it into a Christmas decoration.  I made a garden snowman from an old broken fence pailing.

It was so easy to make and looked so cute in the garden, that yesterday my girls made me a few more from other fence pailings we had!

They had fun making them - adding their own touches with different shaped eyes, noses and buttons!
So now we have a whole row of snowmen standing by our pool!

And some new solar lights to add to the effect!

Have you ever made any Christmas decorations from something in your shed? Or do you have any ideas or inspiration to make something this year?


  1. Those snowmen are adorable, especially the one-eyed your daughters made :-)
    Nice idea!
    Sigrid x

    1. Thanks Sigrid!I love how they got creative with them too!!


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