Sock Kitten - an Upcycle

Last month I decided that I'm going to try to use up my entire fabric and clothes-to-be-upcycled stash.  
I started out well, working my way through a whole box of saved 
t-shirts  and in doing so making a selection of things that are now being put to good use.

This week I have a lot of paid sewing work to get through, but I also wanted to keep up my stashbusting and upcycling momentum, so decided to try and fit in a few smaller projects.

I only have a few pairs of socks in my stash, so figured they would be a good thing to look at using up this week.

I've made sock monkeys and a sock lion before,
but wanted to try something different this time.

I found this picture tutorial in Japanese and this video tutorial for making a sock kitten. Here's how I went making mine.

The boring plain black socks which my youngest daughter had grown out of.

Turned inside out and stitched, front and back legs, head and tail.

Cut around the shapes, turned it all right sides out and stuffed the pieces.

Stitched the pieces together then added button eyes, nose and a bell on a ribbon left over from an Easter Chocolate Bunny!

You may notice that one of the kitten's front legs has writing on it - the brand name and size of the socks!  I actually like this, as it's part of the upcycle process - showing it's not a brand new softie and adding a little extra character!

And now my youngest has a new cute black sock kitten, which I know will be well loved!

A nice quick upcycle - and a pair of socks from my stash used up!

I'm aiming to use up the rest of the socks in my stash this week, so do come back and see what else I make.

And for lots more clothes upcycling inspiration or to add your own clothes upcycling projects, head to the ongoing linky which now has over 600 clothes upcycling projects and is growing all the time.


  1. A great way to reuse socks, Jill. This would make good use of all the odd socks that we end up with.

  2. Aww you sock kitten looks so sweet. Great idea!!

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays,,

  3. Hi Jill! Do you have a tutorial for the sock lion? It's soooo cute! I absolutely adore your website! Thank you for the inspiration to upcycle :)

    1. HI Mary, I don't have a pattern of my own for a sock monkey, but have made one using someone else's pattern. The link is in my post here:


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