Learning to crochet in 2016

This year I've decided that I'm going to learn to crochet. 
I tried learning a couple of years ago and this was my granny square attempt then:
Quite round for a Granny square don't you think?

I also tried a few amigurumi with my basic skills:

But never progressed beyond that and kind of lost interest.

But I don't like to be defeated or to give up on anything, so I've decided this year I'll give it more attention and learn to crochet well!

So yesterday I followed this video tutorial for a basic single colour granny square. I paused the video lots as I worked through it and gradually got more confident in the terminology of what I was doing and saw the pattern emerging.
I was proud of my finished granny square!

Later last night, I tried a second square from memory and with my first to refer back to beside me.

For some reason it looks much better on the left side than the right side, but at least it's square and looks reasonably even!

My next step is to make another granny square but this time follow a written tutorial. I plan to try this one from Happy in Red and hopefully that will reinforce the terminology and help me learn how to 'read' a crochet pattern!

Can you crochet? Do you remember learning? How did you learn? Did someone teach you or did you use a book, videos or maybe just figure it out for yourself? I'd love to know!


  1. Thank you for linking for my tutorial!! Don't forget to block them, it helps them shape them :-) you're doing a GREAT job, keep it up!!

    1. Thanks so much Esther - you are my crochet inspiration - your work always looks so beautiful!!

  2. Great Jill! Do not give up! Well done :-)
    Have a fabulous day!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. Thanks so much Ana! I won't give up this time - I have so many gorgeous crochet patterns 'pinned' - it will be great to finally get to make some of them!!

  3. Hi Jill! Such a wonderful undertaking this year! I must learn sewing....
    Love to see your little squares, all the best!


    1. Thanks Anna!! And yes you should learn sewing!! *;) winking
      Hope you're well and have had a good start to 2016!

  4. I don't crochet as often as I used to because of arthritis in my hands, but I love it. Granny Squares are a great way to get started and advance, as well. It's great that you can take your crochet with you most anywhere and don't need to haul around a large project in process. You look to be coming along nicely with your progress, Jill!


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