Button Tree Reusable Christmas Card

As part of my Christmas Shouldn't Cost the Earth series this year, I've been making some Reusable Upcycled Denim Christmas Cards.  
I created them because I feel that Christmas Cards are quite wasteful in that they are 'single use' then thrown out.

These cards are more eco-friendly, first of all because they are made from upcycled materials, denim from jeans, card from cereal boxes and fabric scraps, buttons and ribbon; but also because they have a clear pocket on the inside where you can insert your personal greeting. This can then be removed and replaced and the card resent to someone else the following year!

This card was made white denim from a pair of old jeans, fabric scraps and buttons for the tree.

The other upcycled reusable cards I've made so far are:

If you're interested in making your own - you can find the tutorial here.

To see more ideas for eco- and budget friendly Christmas Crafts - take a look at my

And keep coming back as I'm adding more projects and ideas all the time - like yesterday's round up of


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    1. Hi Elisabeth,
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