No more plastic bags!

We're all aware of the problems of plastic waste and pollution - particularly in the oceans and endangering wildlife.
This is one of many videos around that remind us of this:

One small step that we can all take is to use reusable bags for our shopping, and say no to plastic bags.
To keep a cloth bag in your handbag, or car means you're prepared for those odd unexpected times you need a bag.

I've also designed a stylish handbag that has a hidden compartment in the base, where a set of cloth shopping bags can be stored so you never forget your reusable shopping bags when you do your grocery shopping!

The handbag itself is upcycled from an old pair of jeans with some co-ordinating fabric. The bags are made from an old bedsheet.

I share the tutorial of how to make these bags, plus a few more useful upcycled bags in my ebook:

You can buy this ebook and get all of the tutorials and patterns, plus detailed instructions and pictures showing how to deconstruct a pair of old jeans to reuse the fabric for this bag.

Reusing our own cloth bags and refusing plastic bags is a small step to take, but if enough people do this, we can make a huge impact!

So please do take a look at my e-book.

You can make yourself a fabulous looking and very useful set of bags, plus make a difference while you do so!

Thank you for your support!!


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