New jewellery storage

It's the school holidays just now here in Cairns and I'm really enjoying spending time with my girls.
At the beginning of the week we spent some time tidying and sorting the girls' bedrooms. While we were doing this, my youngest accidently knocked a shelf in her room, bringing it and it's contents crashing to the ground. Unfortunately her big jewellery box was one of the things that was smashed apart in the fall.

I could look at glueing the pieces back together - but I'm not the biggest fan of glue, and a lot of the wood pieces are split quite badly, so I think the pieces might just be de-constructed for another use!

So - my daughter needed somewhere to keep her jewellery. Since her room is very ...erm...full, something smaller is definitely better!

I decided to make her a jewellery bag.

She chose the fabrics, and I went back to my own
jewellery bag tutorial and whipped one up.
It has several small pockets on the inside - so all those chains can be kept separate and not get all tied and tangled up!

It's such a cute little style of bag.  They'd be great little Christmas presents I think.

I'm getting lots of sewing done with and for my girls this holidays. I'll have lots of projects to share on the blog, very soon!!



  1. This is adorable, I love the fabric :)

    1. Thank you!! I love these bags. My mum made me one years ago and I had to figure them out so I could make more!

  2. What a gorgeous starry bag. Sorry 'bout the crash, but you will no doubt repurpose all the bits into a toad castle or a swimming pool or something amazing!

  3. Ha Ha - yep, the remains of the box are sitting in my laundry while I figure out what to do with them. Can't just throw them out!


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