Book Covers - A Birthday Present

Today is my elder daughter's birthday!
This year she asked for something I could make for a present, so of course I was very happy!

She started high school this year and has lots of exercise books for all her different subjects. She asked for fabric covers for them so she can easily identify each subject's book! I'd made a couple for my girls before for different sized books. 

I had fun choosing my prettiest and most fun fabrics for her.

This one is a final remnant I had from when we decorated her room - it's on her roman blind, a bolster cushion and her pinboard...and now a book cover!

I'm sure she'll love them.
It's always nice to make things for my girls!

She'll definitely have the brightest books at school - and they're not likely to get mixed up with anyone else's.

Do your kids ever ask you to make things for them for their birthdays and Christmas presents?  



  1. What a great idea, Jill and SO much nicer than contact. Probably doesn't take much longer than contact, either. I don't have good memories of covering books - I always seemed to get large creases in the contact.

    1. Thanks Pam. Yes I have that same problem with contact - fabric is definitely a better option!

  2. Lovely covers! And a great way to use up your fabric stash!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! My daughter loved the book covers!


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