Make your own fabric Rememberall

Do you have trouble getting your kids to remember things? Things to take to school, things to remember to hand in at school? I've tried several ways to help them remember things - notes, checklists and door hangers. Nothing seems to be effective for very long, so I'm always up for trying a new idea!

This is my latest plan to help my kids remember things - their very own Rememberall.

Both of my girls read all the Harry Potter books, saw the movies and are big fans, so that's why I thought this idea might work with them.  If you aren't familiar with the Harry Potter series - a Rememberall is a glass ball that contains smoke that turns red when the owner has forgotten something, and once that thing is remembered it returns to a clear ball.

Well this is a fabric version - a small ball-like pocket that is reversible - red on one side and furry grey on the other.  I chose fun fabrics from my scraps boxes that might stand out and catch the attention of my girls!

I added a little velcro to the top of the pocket so you could put a note in it to remind them of what is is exactly that they have to remember!!

The ball-pocket has a loop that means it can be attached to their school bag, or pencil case and also removed and transferred easily too. 

So for example when they have to remember to hand their homework in that day at school, I can attach this to their bag handle or zip with the red side out. Once they've remembered and handed their homework in, they can turn the pocket inside out so the furry side is showing.
Great plan hey? Hope it works!

So here's how to make your very own Rememberall

 - if you think it might help your kids remember things!

Any fabric will work with this project - the brighter the better to grab your kid's attention!

First cut 2 circles from each coloured fabric you choose. The size isn't important - so long as all your circles are the same, and it's big enough for you to work with. You will also need a little cord for hanging the ball and 2 small pieces of velcro.

First of all pin the velcro pieces to each circle. You want one hook and one loop piece on each colour so that the reds will close together and the grey will.
Stitch the velcro on securely. I generally stitch around each piece twice for strength as they get pulled a lot.

Stitch your cord loop to any circle at the top above the velcro.

Next put your circles together. You will need one grey and one red piece, right sides together. Pin around the edges of each mixed circle, leaving a gap of around   4 cm (1.5") to turn the circles out.

Stitch around the edges,

then turn right sides out.

Pin the two circles together with the same colour facing.
Make sure you tuck in both openings.
Then stitch around, leaving an opening where the velcro is at the top.

That's it! Your Rememberall is finished and ready for use!

This is when nothing needs to be remembered.

Then this way round when something has to be remembered!

You can always write the details on a note and pop it in the pocket!

I wonder if this Rememberall will work?

How do you help your kids remember things?



  1. What a cute idea, Jill! I no longer have children at home. It is I who needs all the help I can get. Only problem is, it would look like Christmas around here, since I would have to be hanging these little rememberalls all over the house!

    1. Ha Ha - that's funny Lynn! I was thinking I might have to use different colours for different Rememberals for those days when they have lots of things to remember - but maybe that's just too much! - then they really would look like baubles from a Christmas tree! :)


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