Inspired to Fix It

This is the sorry state that my peg bag has been in for several months now. I've been putting off fixing it but finally got a round tuit yesterday!

It took me less than 5 minutes and looks a lot better now - if a little faded and old!
I was actually inspired to mend my peg bag after reading

This is a peg bag I made about 3 years ago after the one that used to be my granny's bag that I was using finally got too old and tattered.

Funny though, looking at these pictures now I see just how old and faded my current bag is.
Perhaps it's time to make myself a new one.

Fortunately I made a tutorial for this peg bag.

The clothes hanging on the little washing line on the bag are all made from pieces of my old clothing. I think when I make a new one this time I'll use more clothing scraps perhaps from my girls old clothes this time.

I was also thinking these may be good to make for the school carnival from the old clothes stash I have. Nice sturdy ones from old jeans!

  I'm so glad I got around to this quick fix. Not only is it nice to have a peg bag that isn't falling to bits, but it has filled me with even more inspiration for sewing and upcycling!

What do you need to fix in your house? Why not get it out right now? You never know what else it might inspire you to do.



  1. I Made a peg bag like yours while i was at school (30 years ago) for one of my sewing projects. Mine was green also with a clothes line & clothes, but i had a prop (which in england we use to hold the line up). My mum used it for years & didn't want to throw it away when it all ripped etc.

    1. Oh that's so nice and how funny it was the same design as this one! I didn't want to throw away the one that belonged to my granny either, but in the end my compromise was to make one that looked just the same. I think that I will just continue to do so each time it gets faded and ripped. Then it will (sort of) be everlasting!

  2. Fantastic design, Jill! ..and just in time with warmer weather around the corner so I can hang my clothes outside to dry.
    I wonder if you could repurpose your granny's by cutting the front out and adhere to stretched canvas to have a picture.

    1. Thank you! I did think about cutting out the clothes picture part the first time, but they were just too faded. Nice idea to make a picture with it though!

  3. I love your peg bag, the clothes hanging on the washing line are soooo cute. Nice project!!1 Thanks for sharing and for the tutorial :)
    Marisa from


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