Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags - My New E-book

Too many plastic bags are used in the world today.
While they may be convenient to use, their toll on the environment can be devastating. 
Although some are recycled, most end up in landfill - where they will remain for many years - or being light, they can easily blow away and end up in the oceans, forests and rivers.

To try and reduce my personal use of plastic bags, I have made my own reusable shopping bags - from bedding, curtains and old jeans. An eco-friendly solution to a problem that affects us all. 

This is a problem that I believe we can all take a step towards reducing. To help people take this step, I have written and produced this e-book showing how to make your own Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags.

This book provides you with

 5 sewing tutorials and patterns 

to make your own Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags.  

All of my tutorials are full of clear photos and instructions and can be attempted by even a confident beginner sewer.  

The first tutorial is for a simple pillowcase bag that folds into it's own pocket and can be carried in your handbag; 

Next, I show you how to make strong reusable tote shopping bags from old bedding,

 and produce bags from old net curtains

Then finally, the ultimate 'Eco-Friendly Handbag Shopping Bag'.

A handbag that contains a whole set of reusable shopping bags in a special hidden bag in the base of your handbag; for your weekly grocery shop. 
You'll never have to worry about forgetting your shopping bags, or leaving them in the car again!

By making and using your own set of these Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags, you could stop literally hundreds of plastic bags from going to landfill every year.

So why not download my free E-book:

Take positive action today, for all of our tomorrows.

Thank you!


I have to send out a huge thank you to the lovely ladies who were my pattern testers for this handbag pattern. Take a look at the gorgeous bags they made:





 and Niki

Just gorgeous aren't they?

My blog now has over 100 of my own free sewing tutorials. 
I try to make them as simple and clear as possible with plenty of photos.
My new e-book is no exception to this, and all the tutorials contained within it can be tried by a confident beginner sewer.

Since the patterns largely use upcycled and recycled fabrics such as old sheets and jeans, they are the perfect projects to have a go at, even if you don't have much sewing experience. What have you got to lose?  

So why not download my free e-book today, and make yourself your own set of eco-friendly shopping bags.

I would love it if you shared this with your friends, family and followers; on your blogs and social media.

To download this free e-book simply click on the following link:

Thank you for your support.


  1. I would love two of the handbag shopping bags but sewing is not my forte. ANy chance you have any to sell, or would make a couple to sell? Happy to pay for your time.

    Thanks. Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy, I've sent you an email!
      Best regards Jill


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