Use What You've Got Day 14 - a little sorting

This weekend I've not been feeling very well. Blocked up and a chesty cough so I've been taking things as easy as I can.

I took the opportunity to slowly sort out some of my 'stash' while watching some Commonwealth Games action.  

These fabric 'pockets' used to belong to my daughters, but when they got their own rooms this year, they cleared out some of their things, and I got this! I thought it would be good for keeping my current sewing projects organised, but until now, it's just had things randomly stuffed in!

No more!  I'm making use of them to organise my 'miscellaneous stupplies' in - everything from old clothes waiting to be upcycled, to beads and chess pieces! Plus some 'trinkety' things!!  I really do have some odd things saved - but there are ideas for everything!

So hopefully now things are sorted and clearly labelled, I'll get around to doing something with them!

It feels good to have a tidy craft room again!
Now I just need to rest for the remained of the weekend - and maybe just plan the week ahead of some crafts, sewing and upcycles to ..

Use What I've Got!


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