Day 12 - Use What You've Got - the quirky koala's capes!

Do you remember my quirky koala? I made him back in May for my daughter's teacher who is coaching an important hockey team later this year and needed a new mascot.

The team now has a name, and I've been asked to make a cape for the koala. 
 Here's what I came up with.

Since it's a Queensland team, the cape had to be maroon (QLD sporting colour). And I found a perfectly coloured shiny old pillowcase that was just perfect to upcycle for the job!
I don't own an embroidery machine (wouldn't it be nice?), so I appliqued the team name on one, and printed the others onto fabric which I then appliqued to the cape.
So I really did manage to use what I've got for this project! (The koala itself is made from a pair of jeans and some scrap fabric I had in my stash!)

So here's the first one, with the team name.

Or an alternative smaller version
 (just in case they play on a hot day!)..

Then some words of advice from the coach.

The Quirky Koala seems happy enough with them.

Let's hope the coach likes them too!

Have you ever made a team mascot?


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