Blue Macarons - Use What You've Got Day 7

A couple of days ago, some new baking supplies arrived in the post.

Macaron baking sheets!
My daughters had helped me choose them, we've never made macarons before and thought it would be fun to try.

So yesterday my younger daughter and I found a recipe online (Of the HUGE pile of recipe books I have - would you believe none had a macaron recipe!)
We decided to use this recipe. We also made sure and read the top tips for making macarons on the same site AND watched a short Youtube video which was great as it showed what the mixture should look like at each step.

My daughter chose blue as the colour to use!
We whisked the egg whites and sugar until we could hold them upside down without them falling out of the bowl. 
(My daughter loved this part!)

Then we folded in the icing sugar and ground almonds.

Then piped and scooped the mixture onto the trays!

We banged the trays on the bench a few times to try to settle the mixture and get any bubbles out.
Not sure how successful that was....

I'm really glad we had these trays with special shaped grooves. Not sure how good we would have been at piping them into uniform shapes ourselves!

Then we baked them.
My daughter didn't know her own strength when she was 'gently' pressing down on one to see if it was ready! He He!!

We let them cool completely before taking them off the trays.

Then all we had to do was sandwich them together with the icing, taste test them and take some pictures of our finished macarons!

A Hello Kitty shaped one...

And a Mickey Mouse one!

I think we did OK for our first attempt - and they certainly taste yummy!

Have you ever made macarons?  


  1. These look brilliant, I have tried a few times with varying success, never as good as this though!

    1. Thanks Alison! I have to admit we only took photos of the ones that looked good! There were plenty more that were dodgy shapes and sizes! All tasted yummy though - we'll definitely be making them again.

  2. Neato! I've seen these on Wholeport and wasn't sure how they worked and how those little tiny grooves would hold the batter in place. Nice to see them in action~

    1. Thanks Tamara! I had to Google them to figure out what to do with them - but they work a treat!


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