Something fishy in My Creative Space

A while ago I was given a huge fabric stash from a friend who is moving away.  Part of this amazing haul was this bag full of scraps of Great Barrier Reef Fabric!

Since we live on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef itself - I really wanted to make something with this fabric. 
It's all sorts of funny shaped scraps:

So I've started cutting and sorting!!

I do have a plan!!

Now my plans often morph and change as they go on, so I'm going to work on this one for a few days and reveal how it's going next week! 

Tissue Box Cover Tutorial

I've been wanting to make one of these for a while - so simple but it's nice to pretty up those tissue boxes. My daughters always want me to splash out and buy the boxes with fancy designs on, but why pay more for a box, when you can jazz a cheap one up with some pretty fabric?

Here's how you can make your own tissue box cover in just

 5 steps and 15 minutes! 

Anyone can sew this!

You will need:
 Some pretty fabric - a fat quarter is perfect - or you could always piece together some scraps!
A standard tissue box

(Note - you can make this to fit any tissue box you like. For the side pieces, measure your box and add 1cm (approx 0.5") to each measurement. For the top pieces, half the measurement across the top of the box - then add your 1cm (0.5"))

note: All seams are 2/8"

Step 1
Cut your fabric pieces.
You need
Top: 2 pieces 23 x 6.75cm (9 x 2.5")
Long sides:  2 pieces 23 x 12cm (9 x 4.75")
Short Sides: 2 pieces 12 x 12.5cm ( 4.75 x 5")

Step 2
Make the top part.
Take one top piece and turn over one long end a very small amount and stitch. Repeat with other top piece.

Now pin these two edges right side together. Place two pins where you want the opening for the tissues to be.

Then stitch together - leaving the opening between the pins.

Then open out and top stitch along either side of the seam:

Step 3

Now pin your two long sides to the long sides of your top piece. Right sides together. Stitch.

Step 4

Pin the remaining small side pieces to the top and edge pieces - right sides together. Stitch:

Step 5
Double turn the bottom edge of the box cover and stitch to neaten.

And you're done!

You can dress a plain one up with ruffles...

Or just use funky fabric!

A wonderfully simple project to brighten up any room!

For the downloadable PDF version of this tutorial, click here.

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Goodbye dolls!

My daughters are growing up, and growing out of things.
They've decided that they no longer want their Barbie and Bratz dolls and so they've been packed into a bag together with all their clothes and accessories and are waiting by the door to be taken to a new home.

I have to say it is a little sad to see them go.
Last year, we did have some fun together when they helped me out with some sewing and DIY!

They helped to make themselves a whole camping set - complete with tent, car and sleeping bags!

Go here if you'd like to see them in action!

They also had a sew-off between the Barbies and Bratz - to see who could make the best cushions!

So, farewell ladies! We had some fun times - and I'm sure you'll have lots more with your new owners!

Fabric Origami Bag - photo tutorial

I've had a lot of requests to show how I made this bag - so here's a simple photo tutorial to show you:

You can make this bag whatever size you want - the bigger the fabric square you start with, the bigger the bag will be.
I used 2 fabric squares 41cm (16") for this bag.

I used fabric from 2 old dresses (because I love a good upcycle!!)

Stitch the 2 squares right sides together (remembering to leave a small gap to turn out through), clip the corners and turn out; then top stitch around all 4 edges.
Now you have a nice double sided fabric square to make your bag with.

First lay this square flat with what you want to be the OUTSIDE of the bag face down. (I wanted the purple to be the outside here).
Now you need to fold the bottom corner up, then the top corner down.  Play around with this until it looks nice and even!
If you like you can measure to check the sides are even.

Now take a ruler and either draw a line or mark with pins down through the centre from point to point:

Then stitch along this line.

Next fold in both side corners:

Now run 2 rows of stitching on both sides where you just folded. This will form the casing for the drawstring or ribbon.  It doesn't matter exactly where you stitch these rows. Just make sure the gap between them is wide enough to thread your ribbon through. 

Now fold the bag in half - so all the folds are on the inside of the bag:

And stitch down both sides close to the edge - you are stitching the sides of the bag here!

Now turn the bag out so the folds are on the outside!

Now all that remains to do is thread the ribbon or cord through.
I used lengths, 45 cm (18") each. Use a large safety pin to push each piece through the casing you created with your stitching.  Thread one piece through both sides from the left, and then the other piece through both sides from the right. 

Tie the ends of each piece of ribbon together at the sides:

And now you're finished!

Fill it up and use your new pretty bag!

For the downloadable PDF version of this tutorial, click here.

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