Day one of the Use What You've Got Challenge

Day 1 - Use What You've Got Challenge.

Yesterday I posted all about my new challenge -
 (go here to see what it is if you haven't read it yet)

The first thing I've done - is to start my day, week and challenge with some Bircher Muesli made last night.  Mostly I'm very lazy and just have cereal from a package for breakfast. But when I can be bothered, I have to say I prefer my own museli made the night before and soaked. I just don't often make it.

I have all the ingredients in my cupboards - in the plastic bags they came in, tied up with elastic bands and tucked away in a box. 

 So to make it all easier, I've emptied the various ingredients into clear labelled jars, and the oats into a cereal box.  

It's so much easier to make the muesli now - and it also means that everyone is snacking on the dried fruit as it's easy to see and get at!  Just as easy as a bag of chips, so it's good that there's a healthy easy snack in the pantry now too!

So - there's my first tip - make things visible.
It's easier to Use What You've Got when you can See What You've Got!

And here's a picture of my tasty museli from this morning's breakfast! Yum!!  

What's your favourite breakfast food? I've collected some tasty looking recipes to try on other days on my Pinterest board, if you're looking for some breakfast inspiration!




  1. Thanks for hosting! I’m sharing my ice cream birthday cake which is a great alternative to a traditional birthday cake—no apologies needed for being allergy-friendly. I’m also sharing my update to coconut milk ice cream— vanilla custard ice cream that’s rich and creamy and SCOOPABLE.

  2. Thank you for the fun party. Have a super week.

  3. I love your party!!! Thank you for featuring my rhubarb recipe!

  4. Thank you! I love stopping by your fabulous party each week. Please come and party with us tonight at 7 pm. We would love to have you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Thanks everyone for linking up so many wonderful projects again! Have a lovely weekend!


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