3 Size Triangle Pouches - a tutorial

I love these triangle shaped zipped pouches. Here's my own version of  them - a little patchwork - some denim from jeans (my favourite thing to sew with and I have lots in my stash to use up) and 3 different sizes to choose from.
Keychain size:

Medium 'pencil case' size:

And large:

To make the large pouch 
(roughly 30cm (12") tall)

Materials needed:
Jeans (or other fabric of your choice) - another fabric for the outer patchwork, and inner fabric, and a zip - approx 40cm (16") long.

Cut 4 squares of each outer fabric, 20cm (8") square each.
Cut 2 squares of inner fabric, 40cm (16") square each.
Cut outer fabric for the strap, 22 x 10cm (8.5 x 4")
Cut 2 scraps of outer and 2 inner fabric, approx 6 x 8cm (2.5 x 3")

First make the patchwork outer pieces.
Pin one of each square of outer fabric right sides together and stitch two down the left side and two down the right side:

Then place each of these stitched pieces, right sides together, matching up the seams but with opposite fabrics facing each other. Pin and stitch to make 2 larger squares:

The strap
Take the piece of fabric you cut for the strap. Fold both long sides in towards the middle, then fold in half again so the long raw edges are completely hidden. Top-stitch down both long sides:

The Zip
Pin the 4 pieces of scrap fabric to either end of the zip. Right sides together and facing in. The lines where you stitch will make the new outer edges of the zip, so make sure they are closer together than your outer patchwork square of fabric:

TIP: before I stitch these ends, I always like to gently pull them back to see what it will look like when finished (several times I've got the fabric the wrong way round when I haven't checked!!)

Once you've stitched the ends, you can trim off the excess zip and fabric:

So your zip ends look neat and in line with the actual zip itself.

Your pieces are now ready to assemble:

Lay your zip face down, centrally on one of your outer squares of patchwork fabric. Then place and inner square of fabric also face down on top of that. Pin across the top.

Stitch across the top close to the zip teeth using your machine zipper foot.
 Open the fabric out and it should look like this:

Now to the other side. Place this whole piece on top of the other inner square of fabric, then lay your final outer square face down on top of that.
You should have both outer squares right sides facing, and under that both inner squares, right sides facing, with the zip between the outer and inner fabric pieces:

NB: Be careful to place your outer patchwork pieces so that opposite fabrics are next to each other!

Pin and stitch close to the zipper teeth again.

Now open your fabric out like this - one outer and inner fabric piece on either side of the zip.

Top stitch around all 4 sides of the zip. This will prevent the fabric from folding and catching in the zip when you open and close it.

Attach the strap:
Fold the strap in half and pin then stitch to ONLY THE OUTER FABRIC, just to the right of the top of the zip.  Also trim the fabric from the outer edges of the zip in line with the main squares.


Now place the fabric squares outer pieces right sides together, and inner pieces right sides together.

Pin then stitch around the sides and top edges - leaving the bottom completely open.
Make sure and match up the seams on your patchwork.
Also leave a gap of a few inches along the top right side - you'll need this at the end to turn the pouch out!

Now fold the bottom open ends so the side seams line up with the middle where the zip is. creating two pouches:

Pin then stitch across the bottom of both the outer and inner pouch.

Now find the gap you left in the inner fabric piece - and turn the whole pouch right sides out:

Finishing off:
Now all you have to do is hand-stitch the opening in your inner fabric.
Pin first, then stitch:

And there you have one large triangle pouch!

 Other sizes

For the medium (pencil case) sized pouch:
Cut 4 squares of each outer fabric, 10cm (4") square each.
Cut 2 squares of inner fabric, 20cm (8") square each.
Cut outer fabric for the strap, 16 x 8cm (6.5 x 3")
Cut 2 scraps of outer and 2 inner fabric, approx 6 x 8cm (2.5 x 3")
Zip - 20cm (8") long

For the small (keychain size) pouch:
Cut 4 squares of each outer fabric, 5cm (2") square each.
Cut 2 squares of inner fabric, 10cm (4") square each.
Cut outer fabric for the strap, 12 x 6 cm (5 x 2.5")
Cut 2 scraps of outer and 2 inner fabric, approx 6 x 8cm (2.5 x 3")
Zip (10cm (4") long
Don't forget a keyring here - and slip it through the folded handle before stitching that to the pouch!

These pouches are cute and a fun shape and could be used for storing or carrying whatever you choose!

The large one could carry clothes or even beach gear - and when full could be used as a pillow! The small keychain version is great as a coin purse!

Or you could put them all inside one another like Russian Dolls, they'd make a great gift!

What would you keep in these cute triangle pouches?

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  1. I just love the itty bitty mini mini one! The patchwork colors set off the denim so well!

    1. Yep - the mini one is everyone's favourite! I shall have to make some more of those!!

  2. These look great and so sweet :)

    Thanks for sharing #Creativemondays

  3. I love these! Not sure if I can figure it out though. Awesome colors and what a lot of fun presenting to someone as a gift all inside one another! Beautiful, and thank you!!!!

    1. Thanks Julie. They're easier than they look to make!

  4. Beautiful set, Jill! The fabric is really cute! Thanks for sharing great tutorial!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  5. A fabulous way to use up really small pieces of scrap fabric and jeans material. Love the bright fun colours.

  6. This are great! I'm a big fan of upcycling too, especially fabric scraps and my children's outgrown clothes. I made some denim pocket purses which are fun to make :) http://shabbyshe.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/scrap-fabric-project-denim-pocket-purse/

    Vicky @ ShabbyShe x

    1. Thanks Vicky - just popped over and saw your cute purse - great work!

  7. I want to thank you. I had tried another pattern/tutorial for a triangle pouch and didn't like the seaming results...you needed a surger or folding the fabric...or have raw edges. Meh... Your pattern makes more sense to me.

    1. Oh thank you for your lovely comment! I do hope you make one of these cute little triangle pouches with my tutorial! Glad it's clear!

    2. What a great tutorial! Thanks for putting the measurements in inches. I don't think I'll ever be able to learn the metric system. Although I realize it's far easier, I still can't wrap my head around it for sewing purposes. I'm looking forward to making these adorable bags.

    3. Thanks Kathryn! I grew up using both inches and cm - and still use both! Have fun making the bags!

  8. Thanks for sharing this cute project with tutorial.

    1. You're welcome Elenor! I hope you try making some for yourself!


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