Sweater Pillow - another upcycle

I'm pushing on with working through my clothes upcycling pile.
Today I decided to tackle an old favourite of mine - this cute pure wool sweater.

I bought it when I was a teenager on a family holiday to York in England. I loved the design on it, and it's such a cosy sweater, so it was worn LOTS.

For the past 10 years we've been living in tropical Far North Queensland in Australia where it very rarely gets cold enough for a sweater, so this one has been in storage for those 10 years.

I still really like the design, but don't think I'd ever wear it again - even if we went somewhere cold, I think I've just grown out of it!

So I decided that instead of keeping it stored away, I might as well get some use out of it. I've seen lots of sweater pillows around on blogs, so thought that would be a good thing to try.

It was nice and simple to make.
Just turn the sweater inside out, and pin across the top:

I checked our cushion size and it was just perfect for the width of the sweater, so I could just leave the side seams, and sew up the arm holes, and across the top.

I used a small stitch to prevent the wool from unravelling.

Then came the hard bit...

Actually cutting the sweater, for years my favourite sweater....

I took a deep breath..
...and cut, then ziz-zag stitched the raw edges.

I'd left the bottom of the sweater open, and decided to close it by sewing on some buttons.

All done!

I'm quite happy with the result, and now my sweater can be useful rather than taking up storage space and sitting in a cupboard!

Now I just have to find something to make with the sleeves.

For more ideas on upcycling sweaters - take a look here. And please do add any of your own sweater upcycling projects to the long term linky there!

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  1. Your pillow has a cute scene on it and I'm glad you get to enjoy it daily now:@)

    1. Thanks Lynn - all of our cushions are so plain, so that one really draws the eye! I love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Slide the sleeves over vases, or large pickle jars, for a matching set ;-)

    2. That's a great idea JoAnn! Thank you.

  3. Oh, Jill, I can tell it was hard. You are brave and noble! Looks fabulous as a pillow, you made the right call!

  4. This jumper is perfect for a cushion, Jill. Looks great!!!

  5. i really like it as a pillow since it has such great artwork.

    1. Thank you!, I'm loving that I can see it every day now! I'm quite attached to it and it definitely shouldn't have been hidden away in storage for so long! :)

  6. I used to make woollen trousers for little kids (under 2yrs) to muck around in during the winter, these arms would do that really well

    1. That's a neat idea to use those sweater arms! Thanks for the suggestion!


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