Upcycling pyjamas and sleepwear

What to do with those old PJs or nighties? 
Ones the kids have grown out of, but are just too cute to part with?
Or ones that are too worn, or torn perhaps?

Looking around the most common thing I found to make with old flannel pyjamas were quilts! The soft fabric being lovely and soft and just perfect for this use! Great idea!

Take for example this gorgeous one made by At Home With Mrs H:

Other ideas I found are:

T-shirt, dolls pyjamas and a headband - all from one pair of pyjamas by Threading my Way:

Turning a pair of Pyjama pants into shorts by Happy Healthy & Domestic:
Kids do seem to grow 'up' before they grow 'out' and you get left with pants that fit around the waist but are way too short in the leg! I've done this for my girls with some of their pants too!

Or I used the pretty picture from the front of one of my daughter's old pairs of pyjamas to spruce up a bike bag I made her:


  1. Thanks for the features, Jill. I just adore Cass' vintage romper!!!

    1. You're welcome Pam! And yes, that romper is adorable isn't it?

  2. Hey Jill double thank you for the double feature!!!
    I simply love the bike bag you made for your daughter... so sweet!
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

    1. Hi Irene

      You're very welcome for the features - you always have such great refashioning and upcycling ideas!!

  3. I go the other way and take a stained t-shirt that has lots of wear in it (nasty habit of cooking without an apron) and choose a piece of fabric that I have no other use for but looks good with the tshirt. then I sew it around the bottom hem of the tee or if the fabric is to large I might cut off the bottom of the tee so I don't have to cut the fabric, then pin the fabric around the bottom of the tee evenly. Most tshirts can stretch quite a bit and I've fitted two lengths of fabric to a 3x Tee by stretching the tee while I sew. after it's washed the tee shrinks back to normal and the skirt is gathered on. I like these types of nightgowns for several reasons.

    Tshirts are more comfortable than woven nightgowns.
    Tshirts wear well as nightgown tops, they don't wear out as quickly.
    T-shirt dresses like this are often worn in public and don't look like underwear if someone comes to the door or you need to step out for a paper or the mail. I feel less exposed and more decent in them.
    and because I cut off the tshirt not the fabric, if the tee wears out first I can reuse the fabric on another tshirt and sometimes get two night gowns from the same fabric.

    PLUS, because the t-shirt gown is longer than a thigh length night shirt, again, I feel better about answering the door or stepping out on the porch.

    Hope this helps someone Upcycle the other way. Upcycle your spotted tee! it deserves to be worn out too. Love, Kitty

  4. Great idea for those old t-shirts! Thanks for sharing this Kitty!


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