Finished Quilt!

I did it!
Finished my second quilt!

Last year I made my first one - using a bag of scraps of Great Barrier Reef fabric that a friend gave me.
I gave this one to my younger daughter - but still had a full bag of even more scraps. Finally now I've evened things up and both my daughters have their own quilts made by me!
Neither of the quilts are perfect - both have some fish that decided to swim upside-down, but they are made with love and are hopefully something they can both keep and use for many years - a keepsake of their years growing up next door to the Great Barrier Reef itself!

I love the fact that a bag of scraps and offcuts like this...

Can be turned into this..
The quilt is for my daughter's single bed - but it's nice to lay it out on a larger bed to see it all!

I used a purple flower knit fabric for the backing:

The purple colour tying in nicely with some purple fish and coral on the front:

I'm so happy to have finished this project that has been waiting for  months!!  and also proud of my second quilt.  I've still a long way to go with my quilting skills, but at least I've made 2 now that are well loved (I think) look good!

I don't think I'll be making another big quilt for a while - but would like to practice on smaller projects - perhaps some mug rugs?  

Do you have any small quilting projects you can recommend?


  1. They look wonderful Jill. It's amazing how time consuming they can be but so terrific to see the end result. You could do a table runner, bag, wine tote or wall hanging.

    1. Thanks Merry! I'm really proud of the result! and thanks for the ideas for smaller projects too!
      Hope you're well and that your garden is enjoying the rain as much as ours is!! (even if the lawn does seem to need mowing every couple of days!!)

  2. You've done a great job of turning that bag of scraps into another fabulous quilt, Jill. It cost you next to nothing and your daughter has a quilt that she'll no doubt love for a long time, and one that matches her sister's. Can't fish swim upside down?

    1. Thanks Pam! Yes - I'm pretty sure now that fish can swim upside-down! He He!!

  3. It is beautiful. I don't have the patience for big projects. Which is why sewing baby clothes suits me well. One day...

  4. Nice work! Lucky daughters, they will love those quilts for decades.

  5. Very nice work, both of them, I hope to finish mine. It's so nice to have something done by mummy

    1. Thanks Maria! Good luck finishing your quilt soon too!


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