T-shirt to wall art, clothes upcycling challenge day 24

Well, I thought I'd covered all the t-shirt possibilities, and exhausted my supply of ones to recycle, then at the bottom of my box I found 3 more kids ones!!
So for a quick and easy project, I made some wall art:

Sooo simple to make, and a neat way to keep a cute t-shirt that your child has grown out of.  If you have one of those personalised t-shirts with their name on it, you could use it as their bedroom door hanger!
That's what I decided to use these chalkboard t-shirts for! My girls are forever writing messages and sticking them to their doors - things like "no boys allowed"  or  "Knock and wait to be answered before coming in"  or even just "Keep out"
So I figure this will at least save paper!

So how did I make them?  Well here's what I started with:
Two chalkboard fabric t-shirts that no longer fit.

I cut out the centre square of the t-shirts - front and back, and a strip from the bottom of each t-shirt for the hanging strap:

Then cut two pieces of sturdy card slightly smaller than these squares (about 1cm less on each side)

Then with right sides together, stitch around three edges of the square- leaving the top edge open.

Trim the corners:

To make the strap, take the long strip of fabric from the bottom of your t-shirt, and double fold it in on itself to hide the raw edges, then stitch down both sides.

Turn your square right sides out, and push the card inside it.

Then push your strap into the top on either side, fold the edges down and pin closed, then stitch across the top:

For the orange t-shit, it had a design on the back, so I made sure I cut both pieces with the pictures on:

Repeated the same process as for the chalkboard shirts:

Only this one made a reversible wall art hanging!

For the chalkboards, I used a sleeve, cut then stitched close like a pocket, another strip of fabric for the strap, and popped a couple of pieces of chalk into it- so the girls have something to write their messages with!

Here's one hanging on their door to surprise them with when they come home from school!!

Too white on white though!  I might have to paint their door.......

What do you think?  Do you have any t-shirts you could turn into cute wall art or door hangers?

Click here to see my other post with LOTS more ideas of what you can make from t-shirts! 

And don't forget there's a whole page of clothes upcycling projects with well over 600 fabulous ideas now linked up!

Only a few days left to upcycle my old clothes stash! 


  1. Am I the last person to hear about chalkboard fabric T-shirts? I had no idea.

  2. Love the chalkboard door hangers - I might need to make some even tho I don't have the shirts. You really maximized your leftovers!

  3. Hello, I am your newest follower. This sure is a cute little purse, so special for little girls.

  4. Very creative and you made it look so easy. Following back.
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  5. Cute upcycle! Love the chalkboard door hangers! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very cute! The chalkboard idea is so fun!


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