600+ Clothes upcycling projects

What do you do with your old clothes when they wear out, or no longer fit, or you just don't like them any more? 
For children's clothes, we often pass them on to friends with younger children.  For adult clothes, they generally go to the charity shop.  If the clothes are really worn, then perhaps they get used for cleaning rags, or just thrown out. 

But sometimes they are favourites that we can't bear to let go.  Maybe it's the fabric we like, or maybe the clothes have particular memories - especially clothes belonging to our kids.

I have used some clothes like this to make new things - upcycling them into something different that can be used and the memories or pretty fabric kept. 

 I've seen lots of ideas scattered here and here around the internet, but I wanted to create a resource of such projects all in one place. 

Here it is!



  1. This link party has grown into such a valuable resource, Jill.

  2. Thank-you so much for keeping this linky open. It has become a valuable resource.

  3. Thanks Joy - I'm just in the process of going through and checking all the links are still active. I'm loving checking out all the projects that are linked up. So nice to see more being added all the time too!

  4. I agree, great resource Jill!
    Lots of work to keep all the info up to date, but it's worth it. Thank you!

  5. Hi Jill,

    You have such an amazing blog! You've created such a great platform that not only spreads awareness about up-cycling clothing but provides people with direct information where they can get started immediately! I personally love going to second hand markets and make an active effort to recycle my pre-loved clothes sustainably - so I am so happy I came across your blog!

    'It's In My Jeans' is a student run campaign that focuses on reducing your water footprint and spreading awareness about how we can tackle water wastage with the bigger picture being, slowing the process of climate change. Please check it out, as i'd be great to collaborate and spread awareness together by nurturing our beautiful earth and lending a hand to a sustainable future!


    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  7. daft question; is it possible to up-cycle a leather jacket into an awesome zip front top?


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