600+ Clothes upcycling projects

What do you do with your old clothes when they wear out, or no longer fit, or you just don't like them any more? 
For children's clothes, we often pass them on to friends with younger children.  For adult clothes, they generally go to the charity shop.  If the clothes are really worn, then perhaps they get used for cleaning rags, or just thrown out. 

But sometimes they are favourites that we can't bear to let go.  Maybe it's the fabric we like, or maybe the clothes have particular memories - especially clothes belonging to our kids.

I have used some clothes like this to make new things - upcycling them into something different that can be used and the memories or pretty fabric kept. 

 I've seen lots of ideas scattered here and here around the internet, but it would be great to create a resource of such projects all in one place. 

So here's the idea.  I will add projects I have done, and I encourage you to add any clothes upcycling projects you have done too.  Promote and spread the word about your wonderful ideas, and please grab a  button too, to spread the word about this resource.

Clothes Upcycling Projects

Feel free to start linking up! 
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Please  try to put in the title
* what you've made and
* from what item of clothing you made it

This page has an ongoing linky for any clothes upcycling project - to see more projects separated into particular clothing items, you can visit this page.

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  1. This link party has grown into such a valuable resource, Jill.


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