Fancy flip flops - Clothes upcycling day 22

Yesterday I showed you a new party/fairy dress I made for my daughter using older, stained, too-small fairy dresses and a t-shirt.
Well, I had a fair bit of left over tulle still from the old dresses, so decided to have a go at something I've seen around blogland for a while - some nice simple jazzed up thongs / flip flops / sandals- or whatever you want to call them depending on where you live!!  Coming from the UK, thongs mean something entirely different there (I think the US may be the same),
But hey, I'm an aussie now, so thongs are these.....

Here's the old thongs- used for running around the garden, worn and faded...

I cut the tulle into pieces around the size of the thong..

Then simply tied each piece around the strap in a granny knot..

Until I'd used it all up, and had a new pair of big puffy garden thongs!!

To match the new puffy dress:

And all modelled so beautifully..

Hope you're having lovely weekend!


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