New top from t-shirt and dress - Clothes upcycling challenge day 11

Today's project is a new top for my daughter.

I used this too small long-sleeved top..

And this too-small dress:

Put them together and voila...

Nice and easy - and oh so cute - prolonging the wearable life of a couple of favourite items of clothing!

Thanks for reading, and following along with my challenge this month!


  1. Thanks for featuring my shirt to shirt refashion. I love your daughter's shirt, we have a few too small shirts around here I am going to try this with. -Emily

  2. I have lots of clothes in the 'too small' suitcase which I just love too much to bare to part with. Perhaps I should dig them out and try some upcycling!

  3. That's the cutest shirt! Twice as nice as either of the originals.

  4. Ooh I really like the halter neck part - will have to use it with C - somehow she looks fabulous in halters.


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