Clothes upcycling day 17 - trousers to skirt

Today I'm a little late with my post - still catching up from my birthday weekend!
I've just finished upcycling a pair of my old trousers into a skirt - for myself!
(and figuring out the timer button on my camera!)

I'm not very sure about the finished result....
in fact I'm quite disappointed!

I kept these trousers for years!
My mum made me them, oh I think perhaps nearly 15 years ago.  I took them backpacking with me as my smart casual pants that I could wear when I picked up work here and there along the way.
They were just perfect - the fabric doesn't crease -dark colours, easy to wash, quick drying, and well, I just loved the fabric and the comfy feel of the trousers:

Being so soft, comfy, baggy and having an elasticated waist - I wore them throughout two pregnancies too, and they've never been the same since. 
 (I don't think the elastic was meant to be stretched quite that much!)

And so, I've kept them in my 'to be upcycled' box for several years now.

Getting them out again, I wasn't quite so in love with the fabric,but since I've kept them for so long, I wasn't about to give up on them so easily!

So I cut off the over-stretched elastic..

Joined the legs together to make one large rectangle...

Cut that in half, and stitched the two pieces together into a longer strip..
Then just joined it together into a circle, and gathered the top onto a fresh piece of elastic to make a simple and comfy skirt.

Then came the even trickier part - to figure out how to photo the skirt on me, when we don't have a full length mirror in the house!!

Hence learning how to use the (really not very tricky) timer button  on my new camera - and heading outside..

But I'm still not sure I really like it. 
I feel I should - I loved those trousers for such a long time, but I think I've grown out of not just the trousers, but the fabric too!


Have you ever kept a favourite something for so long, that you've gone off it? 


  1. Very cool Jill, looks easy enough, and those pants, lol, well you know they look much better as a skirt, he he. Thanks for showing us the possiblities!!

    Hugs, Bella :)

  2. I like it - the length is perfect on you, and the fabric looks cute as a skirt because of the vertical stripes. Fun and casual, you can wear it for playtime.

  3. HHHMMMmmm... Maybe the problem is changing the article into something you wouldn't get as much wear from? I like the skirt you made, but liked the trousers better!!

    My solution? If I can no longer wear a REALLY loved article, I release it into the universe rather than trying to make it something it's not!!

  4. Love the sweater turned into the stuffed doggie. How cute is that??
    The skirt...not so much!

  5. Some times when I don't love the fabric any more I try to make it into something other than a articale of clothing. Like putting squares of it in a quilt. Or the backing to a blanket. Or in a small way in some other project. That way I still see it often but don't have to wear it. ;)

    Kadie @ Seven Alive

  6. But I'm still not sure I really like it. I feel I should - I loved those trousers for such a long time, but I think I've grown out of not just the trousers, but the fabric too!

    I totally get what you are saying here!! :-)

    Just the same, I love the skirt.

  7. Nicely done! Maybe the skirt will grow on you, it looks like the perfect summer skirt! And I think you would like all the sewing projects and tutorials over at if you haven't found them yet - lots of great ideas for your fabric stash!

  8. I do like the skirt as well. It looks nice on you!! Maybe, like Miss said, it will grow on you.

    Kadie @ Seven Alive


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